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What to study

Bulgaria offers traditional and modern disciplines at various academic levels in respected institutions. We have decided to focus on a few leading specialities which are highly preferred by a lot of students and provide excellent chances for professional realisation


Becoming a doctor, or any kind of a medical professional, will give you invaluable experience for life. Studying in Bulgaria will give you a good ground for your future practice. The local health scene, being quite developed, open and accessible will allow you to learn from great minds and show what you can in real scenarios.

The medical education in Bulgaria is formally split in three stages. During the first two years you go through pre-clinical studies to ensure you have the required biological and medical base for the second stage. Then, you have four years clinical studies where you learn how to diagnose. At the end you finish with a hospital practice and after successfully passed state exams you gain a globally recognized Master's Degree. With this degree you can start practice as a General Practitioner straight away.

Of course, you may continue your professional development with Post-graduate studies in clinical speciality.

Laboratory Scientist
Dentist Appointment

Dental Medicine

Lately, the Dental medicine is a quite desired area by many students. Many look at is as less stressful, but profitable profession. There are quite a lot successful private practices, who also have state contracts and this way they accommodate wide range of patients. The Esthetic Dentistry also gains popularity in the recent years.

The Dental medicine has similar structure to the General medicine, where the first two years are medico-biological preparation, followed by the clinical education from the second to the tenth semester (including profiled approach in general medical clinical specialities and specialised dentistry disciplines). The third stage is the practice, which is combined together with the ongoing lectures.

After the successfull state exams you will receive a Master degree as a Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Dental Medicine


The Pharmaceutical industry needs no advertisement. It is flourishing worldwide, and Bulgaria does not separate from that trend. Pharmacies are extremely common, well equipped and stocked. No medicines are sold in the regular food or other shops, so pharmacies hold all keys to that market.

Pharmacy in Bulgaria is with duration of 5 years, or 10 semesters, where 9 semesters are fundamental and specialised pharmaceutical education, followed by two student practices (Botanics & Farmacognosia, and Technology of dosage forms) and 6 months of pre-graduate practice.

Then you can work as a Master-pharmasist in various professional directions, from a regular Pharmacist to Science-focused work.

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Veterinary Medicine

Bulgaria still has big agricultural sector, as it has high dairy and meat consumption and produce overall. However, with the mentality change in the late years good pet care has taken a bigger part of the veterinary practice. More and more households not only own pets, but invest in better maintenance and care for their furry friends. This is the reason numerous small and bigger clinics were established, some of which are one of a kind for the whole Balkans area.

The city of Stara Zagora provides the best base possible for Veterinary education, including surgery theaters, X Ray rooms, open area with different animal species and much much more. The program is with duration 5.5 years, from which three years theoretical and practical lectures and exsercises, followed by practical classes for two years and real practice for the last 11th semester.

Vetrinary Medicine


Bulgaria has developed its studies in the Management field quite a lot nowadays, thanks to the numerous foreign investments which pushed the employment market way ahead. Here you can enrol in different managerial programmes, like for example International Business and Management which gives you two diplomas simultaneously - one local, Bulgarian, and another from the strategic partner of the institution - Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Another attractive choice for young professionals from all over the world are the MBA programmes in Bulgaria. Studying international management in a real international environment entirely in English sounds like a good deal.

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