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What do you need to know before moving to Bulgaria?

1. People nod for „No“ and shake their heads for „Yes“. Seems confusing? Definitely. Foreigners are often wondering what answer they receive when they ask a question. So, whenever someone is shaking their head at you simply ask „Was it a yes or a no?” to make sure you got it right.

2. It is common to pay in cash. Actually, most places offer card payments, but some small stores may not have that option. Thus, we recommend you always carry some cash, so you don’t get surprised. Don’t worry, though – you will be able to pay your university fee via bank card!

3. Check your power outlet. Note that in Bulgaria we use a two-pin power outlet (type F). Make sure that you get the right charger, so your PC/phone doesn’t die during studying for an exam.

4. Bulgaria Is The Birthplace Of Cyrillic Script. And we are very proud of that fact. It could be that most signs are written in Bulgarian, but you won’t get lost as we are very friendly and always happy to help. And, yes, we speak English.

5. Local currently is LEV. In Bulgaria we only accept lev (abbreviated BGN) and paying in EURO or other currencies is not allowed.

6. National holidays. Check them here. Note that you will get a day off from uni and work!

7. Communist Remnants. As Bulgaria was one of many countries under socialist rule during the latter half of the 20th century, cities still hold relics from this period. So, if you are willing to explore go ahead!

8. Smoking. Hate smoking – don’t worry, in Bulgaria indoor smoking is absolutely forbidden. However, if you do smoke, in Bulgaria most cafes and restaurants have smoking areas. So, it is a win-win situation!

9. Tap Water. You will be happy to find that in Bulgaria you can drink the tap water with no problem. Trust us, everyone does. Speaking of water, not that we want to brag, but few countries in the world can hold a candle to Bulgaria when it comes to mineral water. So, you can always get delicious bottled water as well.

10. Means of transport. Public transport in Bulgaria is easy to understand and reliable. We have trams, buses, trolleybuses, and a subway. Oh, and I forgot to mention it is very cheap – not many European capitals can get you from the airport to the center in under 30 minutes and under 1EUR. The price of the ticket in Sofia is 1.60 lev. You can get it from your station or from the bus driver when heading to your uni.

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