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Top 5 destinations to visit while studying in Bulgaria.

It is indeed to limit myself with choosing top 5 destinations to visit in Bulgaria as there are so many beautiful places here but here I am- trying.

Let me start with the capital- Sofia, one of the European oldest cities with history of over seven millennia. Sofia is surrounded with beautiful nature, ruins, and history.

The second place that is a must to visit is Plovdiv. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria. In 2019 it was chosen as one of the European Capitals of Culture. It’s history dates to 4000 BC. The main street of the city offers excellent opportunities for entertainment and shopping and if you decide to walk through the little streets that connect with it you won’t be disappointed!

In top 5 I would add Varna and Burgas. These two are situated on the Black Sea shore and offer tons of entertainment. From Varna you can visit Tyulenovo and Cape Kaliakra- please google them and you would definitely be attracted! From Burgas you can reach the summer party centre of Bulgaria- Sunny Beach where you would find a lot of places to party- the Bulgarian way!

Last but not least- Sozopol. A city full of history and life. In case this is your summer destination- keep in mind that you would need to book your stays in advance as well as your dine places. It offers a fast changing party environment combined with a lot of history and old ruins.

But honestly, don't limit yourself with 5 destinations. Explore as much as you can because Bulgaria is incredibly beautiful country.

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