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5 reasons to study and live in Bulgaria

1. Bulgarians are Kindhearted Bulgarians love foreigners. Everyone is friendly and polite, no matter if you are based in a big city or in a small village. Even though some people can’t speak English, Bulgarians are always ready to help!

2. Great Nightlife What foreigners love about our cities is that they have great nightlife. Bulgarians have a reputation as social, naturally curious, and warm-hearted people who know how to have a party and share a good laugh.

3. Balkan cuisine The food here can be reminiscent of the cuisine of Greece or Turkey as Bulgaria shares a lot of shared history with these countries. It's often hard to track the roots of a specific dish as there has been a lot of intercultural exchange between Balkan nations. Bulgaria is known for its flavorful fruits and vegetables, healthy yogurt, and white cheese, which most locals adore.

4. Safety Bulgaria is generally a safe and peaceful destination. The country has not witnessed any wars for years. There are also rarely any natural dangers such as poisonous creatures or natural disasters. Terrorist attacks are not common and there are no convincing safety reasons to avoid moving to Bulgaria.

5. Relaxed pace of life One of Bulgaria’s main attractions is its slow, relaxed pace of life. Expats used to hectic work environments will happily discover that in Bulgaria, the focus is on the better things of life. People spend time at the beach in summer and skiing in the winter, and in between, there is a wide range of activities to engage in, such as horse riding, fishing, golf, and football. The country is also rich in culture and residents enjoy visiting the theatre and cinema. Many also prefer the old-world way of life and simply spend their days tending to their gardens and sitting outside in the evenings watching the sunset.

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