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When the elder around us were telling us that we should be clever about our education, we (of course) didn't want to listen. Youth and party goes hand in hand much better than youth and education. Some years passed and we realised two things: 1) Good education will push you through some tough coridoors, but will open the doors for a future where you can choose what to do with your time; and 2) University takes a lot of sweat to learn well, but there is always time for also living life.

Today we are facing you with years of experience beyond our homeland borders, ready to help and guide you in your decision making, and afterwards journey. This is exactly why we created EU Study Lab - to show up for you when you need someone to show you the right way to a better, brighter and bigger future.

Our team consists of young ambitious people ready to help you achieve your dreams. We know how hard getting into a medical university could be. In fact, we experienced it first hand. And now we are ready to help young talents like you.

Meet Us

We're certified doctors and full-time physicians, who walked the same rough path of foreign studies

Our advisors
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